mandag den 12. maj 2014

Making a study, or playing Diablo - The method is the same!

So, I've been thinking about it the last couple of days, while playing some Diablo in between my university studies. The difference between the too things isn't that great, actually. There is some similarities. And this isn't just between studies and diablo, this also apply to for example a report or debrief and many other MMOs.

But lets not walk too much around the boring stuff, lets just get off to the comparison!

First off you find out what you wonna write about or wonna make a study about. Its always the same hurdle, and it can sometimes be the most difficult. But finding out what to do, is also the most important. For Diablo players this process is similar to picking the character you wanna play, and picking out a name. This is the most essential to whats gonna happend next!

Second thing you do, is to read about the chosen topic and collectiong relevant theories descriping your topic for further processing and analysing. For many studies its also very important to update yourself on the current situation, for example if you want to study the buying situation between businesses in the offshore market, you could read about resent industry news. In Diablo you need to learn about your chosen character, so this is the time to lvl up from lvl 1 to 70 (Diablo 3 RoS), and through this process you try out different skills and setups.

Third thing you do in your study is to pick out the theories you wonna focus on, when studying your topic and answering your research question. Also you find out how you wonna get your informationflow going. So you find out, if you wonna do questionaries, interviews or whatever. At this state you have completed the Diablo 3 RoS main storyline, and have to pick your "final" playstile (for a monk, it could be 'firemonk, cyclone lightning, tank or whatever).

Fourth is to begin collecting data to support your theories. This is where you do questioneries or interviews for example. This is also the place for you to find supporting professional studies or reports about the subject. As a Diablo player you are now grinding lvl 70 gear in adventure mode, either doing rifts or bounties (similar to questionaries or interviews).

At this fitfth state you decide what data and information you wonna use from the questionaries and interviews and other research studies. At this point you also need to reconstruct your research problem so it fits to what you can write about through the informationsearch in the fourth state. In Diablo you see through your grinded gear and assemble the "perfect" combination. Now you have to reconstruct your playstile and skilltree (for example if you have selected lightning dmg gear, theres no reason in going firemonk.

Sixth state is where you begin writing your conclusion, edit your research problem, and finishing your appendix and so on. In Diablo you have now begun farming all the keywardens, to collect the infernal machines for the ultimate test.

The seventh, but no the last one is where you have finished your conclusion and are writing the last thing, the abstract. In Diablo you have finally found 4x4 keys and have crafted the 4 infernal machines.
You are standing in the room with the portals and awating the last step.

The eighth and final step is where you are waiting for the grade of your study (if in school), or where you are waiting for feedback and recognition from your readers. As the Diablo player you have just defeated the Uber bosses, maybe more times, and have received your reward: 4 body parts, which can now be transformed to the ultimate gift: The Hellfire Ring.

The future (what have we learned)
Now that you have written maybe your first study or report you have learned a lot in the process. This is valuable for your next one, which at any point will just get easier! In Diablo you collected The Hellfire Ring, which has no-lvl-requirement and will make your life easier next time you lvl up a character, giving bad-ass stats and 35% more experience earned overall.

So, everything left for me to say, is: Happy wirting, datacollectiong informationsearching and farming!

Have anything to add to my steps, dont be shy to write a comment. And please leave a +1 if you agree or enjoyed reading.

lørdag den 3. maj 2014

ESET Mobile Antivirus V3 BETA - Anti-Theft review

In continuation from my last ESET Mobile review I have now registrered my phone to my Anti-theft profile.
That meening, that when I log on to and those the Anti-Theft, I now see my mobile alongside my laptop and PC which I have also registrered.

So, on to the review of the Anti-Theft part in the mobile app.

Test one (remember when testing, to accept the test on the mobile device!)
First I tested the basics, which was a full test, with every thing turned on, on my mobile (Wifi, Mobile Network (3G) and GPS) I then logged on to and ran a test, which gave me the following results:
So, with everything on, it takes like no time to retreive all data needed, if your phone gets stolen. This really blew me away, that it was so fast. And it even took 2 photos, from my front and backcamera! And watching them I actually see my desk, and even my self. So it works! (se below)

 It even tells me the IP address and the name of the Wifi supplier, which I think is incredible, cause a lot of the online "whats my IP-address" out there when searching on google places me a hole different place in my country, and tells me a totally different IP address, that I know isn't true.

Now for test two, where I turned off those things I always have turned off, when not using the phone, so, only Mobile Data active!

The data retreived was almost the same, it took a little longer, and the accuracy was the same
And when going to the Device IP address received the name of the supplier is now my Mobile Network supplier. 

Now for test three, this time I first turned off everything on my phone, and then ran the test.
This time the test was going no-where (what a shock), but as soon as I turned on the Wifi connection, it found my phone. this time, with no GPS, no Mobile Data and only the Wifi, there was a more precise location, with an accuracy of 17 metres. Kinda wierd that it was more accurate with only the Wifi on, but maybe its because of the different information from the Wifi, the GPS and the Mobile Data supplier.

The conclusion
Overall it was very easy to use, and I hope that the "device missing" function is just as usefull as the test function, because if it is, theres no worrying over lost devices anymore! 
For those of you who have not tried the mobile version, but only the desktop version, I can say, that the mobile version functions the same way (for more read my other review for ESET desktop version of Anti-theft). 

What could be improved?
Theres not so much I need, the point of having the Anti-Theft is to find your lost phone if stolen, or just lost. 
But something tells me, that a lot of people could just loose their phones on regular basis (e.g. going to a party, forgetting it at a friends place or loosing it at the gym, at sports etc. etc.) so maybe some kind of message could be shown on the phone. Like "found this phone, plz return to 'address'".. And it should show the message if anyone choses to try to unluck it, which they ofcourse can't due to the lock function in the Anti-Theft system. 

All in all I am very happy with the Anti-Theft extention to my Anti-Virus protection software, also just the fact that I don't need two seperate apps!

Any comments? Plz comment below about your thoughts on the Anti-Theft part, leave a +1 if yo enjoyed reading, and check out my other reviews. 

torsdag den 20. marts 2014

ESET Mobile Security v3 Beta review!

Hi techfans!

So, I just joined the betatesting of ESETS newest Mobile Security app for Android.
You can join too, by liking their google+ site:
And opting as beta tester on Google Play:

The app is very easy to install and easy to use. It offers:
- Antivirus protection
- Anti-Theft protection
- SMS and call filter (premium only)
- Anti-Phishing (premium only)
- Safetycontrol (premium only)

The app offers maximum protection within its limits. However I think it lacks a little ind advancability. After my opinion todays antivirusprograms shouldn't "just" offer maximum protection, due to all the many different offers out there, claiming they have just as good a protection program as the others.
Although this is my opinion I find the ESET app very easy to use, not a lot of wierd and questionable functions! And it even comes with an automatic scanner for new applications you download and install from the Play-store.

Regarding the "missing" features, I have spoken to the team on their Google+ site, and they doesn't seem too indifferent. Although they wonna keep their minds on the main feature: The protection, they are still listening to their users, which I think is great!

So we might see a whitelistening function in the future, which were one of the features I feeded them with, due to the fact that ESET Mobile Security kept warning me about extra costs connected to the use of dataroaming. This is a great feature, because its a known issue especial when going on vacation. But where I live, I have free dataroaming on certain mobile connections, if my home network isn't represented. This will be more and more normal in the feature, if not dataroaming someplace in the future will be almost free everywhere.. Who knows.

What are your experience with the app? Have you tried the anti-theft feature yet? Because I haven't, and wonder how it works, if it works like on the computer, which I think works great!

tirsdag den 26. november 2013

Onlive - Ultimate gaming - Ultimate experience!

So, at first I was sceptical, when I heard about Onlive back in the days. I thought it was a flop, that would never get anywhere, because it was too big a project. Allthough I was sceptical, I signed up, because I had a real shitty computer and wanted to play all kinds of games, and signing up would be the best way to support the idea!

Today I am really glad I signed up, although I have never used any money on it yet, but just to have seen the development over the years has been all worth it!

I have gotten a couple of free games, with I can play just with an internet connection, and I think it is great! I have wondered about buying some games there, but I just havent found it stable enough in Denmark, to those games I wonna play. And I wonna play multiplayer games and racing and FPS games.
I tried out Fuel for 30 minutes, it was really fun, and it didnt even lag. LEGO Harry Potter also did play real great! Hoever AvP multiplayer was a little too laggy, maybe because there is such a long way for the info.

 But games is not all, Onlive has to offer!
The new feature, thats not so new anymore, is the Onlive Desktop, that gives u all the great Desktop abilities for your iPad, iPhone, tablet and android!
I havent had the chance to try this out, cause its not available in Denmark, but I think it is a cool feature.

I hope they will keep up the good work, and just innovate the sh*t out of technology!
A feature I really want to see in the future, would be the ability to activate games you have already bought, for example on origin, steam or uplay. Or even make your own server, something like Teamviewer.
Also, of course, I am looking forward to see all the features on Onlive being available in Denmar :)

What do you think of Onlive?
Plz comment your thoughts :)

mandag den 30. september 2013

Kickstarter! Help kickstart new ideas!

Last year I head about a site called Kickstarter, but like everytime I hear about something new, I am very suspicius, and didn't think much about it. And it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago I really began to open up my eyes to the site.
Many cool ideas has already left the program and have great succes! For example:
The occolus rift:
The 10 year-old Hoodie:
The Veronica Mars Movie:

I, myself, have pledged two projects, one becomming and one that did not make it, but however, its great to help some innovative people with their projects!
Go search the site for great projects and pledge yourself!

Maybe you can help out making the next youtube sensation like the Video Game High School, which has not only brought the first season, but also the second to Kickstarter!
The first season episodes almost have 10 million viewers on youtube!

Wonna do more than just pledge on other projects? Make your own and see if you can make your dreams come true! So go get your entrepreneur-cap and get on with it!

Pledge on!

lørdag den 24. august 2013

The Humble Origin Bundle - Make a donation!

Wow, would never have guessed anthing like this would happend.
Just as that, like 2 weeks after the game of the yea, Battlefield 3 could be picked up for 5 dollars in the origin store, origin does this partnership with Humble Bundle, and gives away 6 games, if you donate at least 1 dollar to charity. AND, if you donate more than the average donation, with atm. is at 4.88 dollar, you get not only Battlefield 3, but also The sims 3 (starter pack, that means an extra 2 packs for sims) AND, as off yesterday, two more games comes along, C&C Red Alert 3: Uprising and Populous.

The best thing, it ain't fake! Its official origin gamekeys due to the partnership between Humble Bundle and Origin! So, if you haven't yet picked up ur copies of these great games, make sure to do today, and donate some money to charity! This way u can save lives through the charity donation, and you can play some great games, until Battlefield 4 comes out, or the next Humble Bundle arrives with some other great games!

Be sure to thank Origin for the deal by preordering Battlefield 4 or Sims 4, because this is some of their future great games coming out, and the Humble Bundle might just be a promotion idea for these games, who knows? Plus they want everyone to own a copy of both BF3 and Sims 3 before the next generation arrives, and ends the lives of the previous, which I would think will be a shame too. BF3 is such a great game. Can only remember one BF game to have had so much succes, and that being the number one game of them all, Battlefield 1942!

onsdag den 31. juli 2013

PostDanmark Rundt was in Varde!

After some great weeks with Tour De France, it finally came to the danish Tour.. Tour de Denmark, or whatever you call it around the world. In Denmark we call it PostDanmark Rundt... :)

I had VIP seats for the first stage which ended in Varde, with 3 rounds of 3,6 km in Varde, so I had time to take pictures and make video of the guys rolling by with the average speed of about 55 km/t.

It was very fun, and great to see the the danish Lars Bak in action!
Even though he did not win, he was overall very happy about the race though. Take a look on the photo I took of him, when he went towards the winning podium, where he should stand, due to his third place (y, I know, might be wierd, but in Denmark we get both the first, the second and the third to see on the podium)
Also very good to see other people on the podium than just the winner, Magnus Cort Nilsen from Team Cult, because he did not only win the first stage, he also took the yellow leader shirt, the climber shirt(or what its called) and the white young leadership shirt. The number two got the point shirt aswell, and unfortunately for Lars, who also have appeared in Tour De France the past many years, did not get any shirt.

However it was a great day, and I would like to thank Varde for a great show!